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Our engineers will present new technological developments, solutions and alternatives that are suitable for application and meet your needs.
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Wind energy is one of the most promising alternative energy sources and wind turbines are the most efficient electric generators in the world.
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Photovoltaic systems are designed to produce domestic and industrial electricity by converting light (solar energy) into electricity.

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About TehnoSat

Tehnosat is a private company led by an enthusiastic team of managers and engineers with experience in high technologies and capable of providing reliable and sustainable solutions for renewable energy systems based on high quality products and performances.

Tehnosat believes that has all the strengths that allow the company to identify, develop and implement alternative solutions for power supply systems based on the latest technologies to ensure obtaining high yields. Our systems and solutions incorporate equipments manufactured by leading international suppliers, have long life, are very efficient, and have low operational and maintenance costs.

Our solutions are designed for corporations and households and cover photovoltaic systems, wind and water turbines, electrical equipment and power supplies, surge arrestors, backup systems, solar and thermal heating, etc. We take pride in designing systems that are user friendly, reliable and price competitive. Building your home or industrial/commercial building based on solar and wind energy it's a pioneering move in a world of rising oil and natural gas prices.

Tehnosat has qualified and experienced engineers able to design customized solutions that fit your budget and meet your expectations. Together, we could build our future in a world with zero emission of CO2 and keep our environment clean and healthy for many generations to come.

Since 2009 the company management has decided to develop and implement an integrated quality and environmental management system as referenced by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. As proof of our professionalism in March 2010, the system was evaluated and certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

Tehnosat maintains and operates starting with January 2011 the company online store Techno-Shop offering our clients quality products at competitive prices and allowing them to place electronic orders. Techno-Shop is the first Romanian online shop specialized in electronics and products for renewable energy sector.

The company's main goal is to become the leading supplier of renewable energy systems for the Romanian market.

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Reliable and sustainable solutions for renewable energy technologies at high standards of quality and efficiency.