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Our engineers will present new technological developments, solutions and alternatives that are suitable for application and meet your needs.
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Wind energy is one of the most promising alternative energy sources and wind turbines are the most efficient electric generators in the world.
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Photovoltaic systems are designed to produce domestic and industrial electricity by converting light (solar energy) into electricity.

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Grid On Inverters

The solar grid on inverters convert the DC power generated by the photovoltaic panels, wind and water turbines into alternating current (AC) for use with home appliances and possibly a utility grid and are equipped with or without transformer for galvanic separation. There are a variety of dedicated inverters, differentiated mainly by the power generator type, power output level, grid type, galvanic separation requirements, etc.

Grid on inverters use special procedures to deal with the PV array, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islanding protection. Grid-tie inverters are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility power, for safety reasons and do not provide backup power during utility outages.

The grid tied inverters function as the primary conversion equipment that changes the wild DC electrical power into AC power. The inverter does more than simply convert one electrical type to another however. A grid-tie inverter also synchronizes the output frequency with the grid. This will allow the amount of electrical power sent into the grid to match the power limits to prevent the occasional overload surge. There are three main types of grid-tie inverter technology currently on the market, two of which use transformers. There are high frequency converters, low frequency converters, and wireless converters that do not use transformers.

High frequency transformers utilize the most up-to-date transformer technology to convert direct current to a higher frequency alternating version then back to direct current. This allows for a greater control of the power flow as it converts once again to the final alternating current output. Low frequency transformers simply convert direct current to alternating current. Transformer-less grid-tie inverters are very popular in European countries due to their lighter weight and higher efficiency compared to the transformer inverters.

Tehnosat supplies grid on inverters and chargers made by SMA Solar Technology AG, Power One , Schneider Electric, Danfoss Solar Inverters, Steca Elektronik GmbH, the world famous inverters manufacturers.

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