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Our engineers will present new technological developments, solutions and alternatives that are suitable for application and meet your needs.
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Wind energy is one of the most promising alternative energy sources and wind turbines are the most efficient electric generators in the world.
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Photovoltaic systems are designed to produce domestic and industrial electricity by converting light (solar energy) into electricity.

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Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems are small power plants for private and/or industrial use. The photovoltaic systems could work in cogeneration or independent in off grid areas. In cogeneration, when the photovoltaic system produces more electricity compared with your personal needs the electricity in excess is injected into the grid. The energy you send on the grid is credited to your account by the utility power company, lowering your monthly bill.

The simplest photovoltaic system is composed by a few numbers of photovoltaic modules and one or more inverters that are used to convert the DC output power of the modules into AC power for your home appliances.

The off grid photovoltaic systems can be used as unique power supply sources or in cogeneration with a diesel generator, a wind generator or a fuel cell system. You could also use rechargeable batteries to store the energy during the day and use it during the night. In this case a battery charger is necessary.

Another option to store the energy for use it during the night is to produce hydrogen by electrolyze and then convert it back to electricity using a fuel cell system.

Photovoltaic systems can be sized from hundred of watts up to MW instated power.

The life time of a system is typically in excess of 25 years for an output of 80% from the initial power output.

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