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Our engineers will present new technological developments, solutions and alternatives that are suitable for application and meet your needs.
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Wind energy is one of the most promising alternative energy sources and wind turbines are the most efficient electric generators in the world.
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Photovoltaic systems are designed to produce domestic and industrial electricity by converting light (solar energy) into electricity.

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The solar charger or charger controller has the main function to fully charge the battery and to protect it to overcharge and prevent the reverse current to flow at night. The solar chargers use simple or sophisticated algorithms like pulse width modulation (PWM) or maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to assure the battery is being fully charged. The first 70% to 80% of battery capacity is easily replaced, but the last 20% to 30% requires more attention and therefore more complexity.

The charge controllers are connected directly to the battery and are rated and sized according to the PV generator voltage and current. The most common PV system voltages are 12, 24 and 48 volts and controllers are rated accordingly. Controllers operating voltages vary from 6 - 90 volts and from 1 - 80 amps. Because the current of a PV panel varies with temperature, light reflection and other factors could lead to sporadic increased current levels. The operating current of a controller shall be increased by around 20% in order to handle the current levels.

Choosing the right charge controller is based on battery charging voltage and current, battery type (liquid, AGM or gel acid), voltage and maximum current of solar array, voltage and maximum load current, etc.

Tehnosat supplies solar chargers made by SMA Solar Technology AG, OutBack Power Technologies, Schneider Electric, Victron Energy, Steca Elektronik GmbH, and other world famous colar charger manufacturers

You can order solar chargers via our online shop www.tehno-shop.ro, where you find out all the necessary information to choose the right product, pricing and the latest offers updated weekly. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us and we will answer to you.

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